January 8, 2020 Vipul

How To Successfully Ask for Donations

Hands holding a jar of change with a Please Give sign

Asking people for their money can often times be an intimidating and stressful task. Especially when the money you are asking for could make a huge difference in the lives of many. Therefore, you may be unsure about how to directly ask people for donations with the most amount of success. Here are a few tips in order to help you feel more comfortable with asking people for donations and how you can be more successful when doing so.

Make it personal – When you are asking people for their money they don’t want to feel like you are trying to give them yet another generic sales pitch. You need to connect with a potential donor on a personal level and really show them that your cause needs their money in order to make a difference. Do this through researching your potential donors. Ask yourself: What do they care about? What other causes are they a part of? What is their history with donating? If you can figure this information out, then you can connect with your donor and they will hopefully be more willing to donate. In addition, make the conversation about the potential donor and let them talk while you listen. This goes back to ensuring that you are not just creating another generic sales pitch that is going to bore your potential donor. By making the conversation about them, they will feel more comfortable with you and more willing to donate.

Be specific with what you are asking for – Although it is important to make sure you are making the conversation personal and genuine, it is also very important to be very specific with the potential donor about what exactly your cause needs. This part can be difficult because you are going to be asking them for a specific amount of money. However, don’t beat around the bush with numbers because people want to know exactly what you are asking for. The more direct you are with just how much money your cause needs the more of a positive response you will get out of you potential donor. Also, make sure you are specific with exactly how the money you are asking for will make a difference. Give your donor real numbers of how much aid their money will be supplying for your cause and how many potential people it could help. People respond more positively and are more willing to give when they can see the real outcome of how their donations will help.

Practice how you are going to ask – It is important to be comfortable and confident when you are asking people for their money. A great way to gain confidence and be more comfortable is to practice. Practice in the mirror or with friends and family before you start to go out and ask strangers. People are more willing to give donations to people who are confident, comfortable and direct than to those who are not. Your organization will be more respected and credible and seen as more professional if you are confident and comfortable when you ask for donations. In addition, it is important to have all of your information correct and accurate and practicing your presentation is a good way to self-edit.

Know that people will say no sometimes and be okay with that – There are many factors that play into a person’s decision to donate to charity. Therefore, sometimes people are unable to give and are going to say no when you ask them for donations. It is important to not let this discourage you from asking others in the future. It is also important to respect a person’s decision not to donate and understand that it is not personal. You never know what is going on in a person’s life, and if they are unable to donate to your cause that is okay. It is important to prepare yourself for these situations and know they are going to happen.

With these tips you can be more prepared and successful when going out and asking people for donations to your charity or organization.